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The Facility

The Facility spreads over 9,000 SFT and is constructed as per guidelines stipulated in ‘Schedule M’ by the Central Drugs Standard Control Organization, INDIA.

We have incorporated state of the art manufacturing equipment, to ensure high standards of product quality at a faster rate of production.

Each day the sensitive market segment in which we operate presents us with new challenges and demands. We meet these requirements with precisely defined services, product standards and the appropriate internal and external infrastructure.

Our proficient laboratory for chemical and microbiological control ensures the high quality and precision of our production. For us as a manufacturer of dialysis products this is what we have committed ourselves to.

We have our own trucks allowing us to have complete control over delivery of our products in the local market (Hyderabad). We take great pride and extra care in providing you with the finest delivery service and we are committed to ensuring timely delivery of dialysis concentrates and related products critical to the care of the dialysis patients. Flexible availability is not only the goal of any sportsman. We also want to be fit for our customers’ extremely diverse requirements. That is why we have set up our warehouse and logistics in such a way that we can react rapidly and reliably at short notice to changes in the market. That is indispensable, especially in the dialysis products segment.