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Himaja Renal Care Products is an innovative leader in manufacturing and delivering Hemodialysis Concentrates (both solutions and powders) along with related ancillary products to Hemodialysis providers located throughout India. Producing all types of formulations for various brands of Dialysis Machines offered at a reasonable cost.

We are dedicated to providing the Hemodialysis community with the highest quality products along with the most reliable delivery service, and are continuously discovering new ways that will improve the quality of care dialysis patients receive, while enabling dialysis providers to deliver that care at the most affordable cost.

Started in the year 2009, with a genuine intention to provide good quality Hemodialysis Consumables to both, the Patients & Hospitals, Himaja Renal Care Products has quickly emerged as the market leader, due to the unmatched quality and maintaining highest quality-cost ratio.

As a manufacturer of dialysis products with detailed knowledge of the market, we know our customers preferences. Therefore, a large number of hospitals and doctors place their trust in our company´s reliability and proficiency. From the beginning on, our trademark has been quality and flexible production. For us this is the only way to cater to the specific need of renal patients.

At Himaja Renal Care Products, research & development section is very efficient and is always making hectic efforts to provide low-cost products for the betterment of huge population suffering from kidney disease. In this regard the prime importance is always given to quality, economy and ethics.

Our aim is to be a reliable partner to our customers. Consistent flexibility, product diversity and the highest standards of product quality are the three pillars of this aim. These parameters are reflected in the entire product range and in the logistical processes as well. Many dialysis centers already appreciate our reliability. We would like to convince you of this, too.